Odessa is one of the biggest Ukrainian cities that is located along the coast of the Black Sea. A city with an ancient history, its own traditions and a unique interesting culture. Ukrainians associate Odessa with rest, fun, and a feeling of a constant holiday. And, surely, with endless romantic stories connected with another visiting card of Odessa – beautiful, bright, cheerful, and hot brides.

Such an ‘Odessa’ character of local women attracts as a magnet those men for whom such an extremity of emotions and disposition in combination with a bright southern appearance is taken as exotic, and, at the same time, is very attractive. Brides in Odessa are a special type of woman’s beauty in which Slavic roots are harmoniously interweaved with genes of southern peoples. A special individuality and an incomparable surprising charm makes themselves felt not just in appearance but in manner of communication as well.

Every girl in Odessa is an image of an imposing and at the same time playful lady with a golden suntan, as our city is famous for its numerous splendid beaches as well. An essential part of the image is a strut stuff femininity and sexuality emphasized by all acceptable ways.

Short skirts, high heels, deep decollate, stylish jewelry, showy make-up, frequent shopping and visits of beauty salons – brides in Odessa really take much effort to care about their beauty, and at the same time they do it with a great success. Surely, such an appearance is a fate of young beauties, mature women prefer elegant, exquisite dresses that accentuate all unquestionable advantages of their figures.

It should be particularly noted that practically all female citizens of Odessa have a well-tended appearance. They like to take care of themselves and do it very skillfully. They charm at first sight, they seem to be inaccessible which attracts men’s attention, but at the same time there is a certain immorality felt and a wish to start new acquaintances. A feeling of a romantic summer, an atmosphere of flirtation and new acquaintances, a woman’s beauty and endless rest is a zest of Odessa.

Despite a high level of feminization in Europe and a striving of Ukraine to inherit European values, almost all brides in Odessa preserved their usual beliefs about a family and marriage. They by their nature are real keepers of a home fire, good wives and caring mothers. In general, the cult of family in Ukraine is widespread.

Families in Odessa are usually big, with a great number of grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, children, and other relatives who support stable connection. Herewith a woman plays a role of the center of such a family. A unique combination of a woman’s beauty, attractiveness, a light and cheerful disposition, classical family values orientation made brides from Odessa an object of a careful attention of western men. Odessa occupies the first line in the rating of popularity of Ukrainian ‘bridal cities’ where in search of a good wife come lonely men from the USA and Europe, Asia and Australia. Dozens of dating agencies offer meeting with lonely brides in Odessa Ukraine, organize romantic tours and socials. Big international dating services open in our city their branches, and among dozens of international tourists who come to Odessa almost a quarter are potential fiancés.