To talk about sex tourism and steer clear of Odessa is hardly possible. During some centuries it has made a lodgment as the freest Ukrainian city as for its morals. Although many cities of Europe and the world can already give a head start to Odessa in the sphere of love affairs it isn’t going to lose its ground. For those who look for love entertainment in the Southern Palmira it’s an explicit guide.

Brothel nd whorehouse: Hotels for love and sex
For guests of the city who come from far away, sites advertise such hotels as a wonderful budget choice for families with kids – on the photos they look comfortable and clean. And it’s not far away from the sea. However, it doesn’t reflect the actual situation. While choosing a rest in such hotels be ready for a noisy neighborhood. These are Odessa mini-hotels (right say brothel) that are ordinary bordellos just cooperating with Odessa prostitutes, hooker, whore and escort-services. For example, there is the ‘Z’ hotel. There are legends about it in Odessa. Even its advertisement offers ‘JUST 95 hryvnias/4 hours’. An interesting offer for tourists to spend 3 hours in a hotel, isn’t it? There are rumors that the hotel specializes not in long-term accommodation of guests but in rendering services for those who need a place for sex.
Having studied city forums, it’s easy to make a conclusion that local easy girls offer their clients to stay in an hotel ‘T-star’ by themselves. It’s unknown if there is any agreement between administration of the hotel and a curator of Odessa call girls & prostitutes.

Red-light district
An issue where to hire a prostitute in Odessa is quite actual during holiday time, mostly tourists are interested in it who wish to begin with looking at the ‘goods’, but not call numbers in doubtful advertisements. Having studied city forums and social networks we made a list of the most popular city streets where you can find Odessa "girls for love for sale"- whore and hookers . These are Bolshaya and Malaya Arnautskaya, Razumovskogo street and customs square.
Prices can vary, from 20 to 50 USD per hour. Is it worth it? You can know the answer only with the help of trial and error method.

Erotic Massage: Salons of intimate service
Odessa Internet is full of sites and advertisements with business propositions to spend several hours in a company of an easy companion. ‘Tons of tenderness, caressing and carelessness are waiting for you’… with a check with a high price. We won’t make a survey of every red lamp, as all of them offer almost similar range of service, similar salary and conditions. They differ only in their addresses and employees.
These salons are very often called massage ones. Here you can choose among a classic, Thai, anti-stress, and, of course erotic massage. All these kinds of massage are united by only the similar ending… at a certain price, of course.

VIP-escort in Odessa
‘These sexy girls are high-class prostitutes who know all delicacy of their business and have an individual approach to any client’, as an Odessa escort-agency informs. However, according to tasters of this service elite prostitutes, as they are used to be called differ only because they are in this business longer than their colleagues. And you shouldn’t forget that payment for VIP-girls is twice bigger.
Hot suntanned women’s bodies, minimal clothes, easiness of communication, atmosphere of romance and flirtation. Here any man will think of the eternal… How is it about sex in Odessa, by the way?